Any products that do not contain PLA (like our cardboard containers, wooden cutlery, paper cups and paper straws) can be home-composted, and we would would recommend you break these into smaller pieces first to aid decomposition. The number of commercial composting sites in New Zealand is currently limited. However, in response to growing public demand, we anticipate more becoming available over time. If your local council does not yet have a commercial composting site nearby, then some public events may be classified as PLA-free. If this is the case, the following Green Choice products do not contain PLA and can be used at a PLA-free event.Our FAQ section contains a list of current commercial composting sites.

Each product on this website has a link to Product Brochure downloads. These links ensure all current products on the website are collated into a PDF for you. This ensures you do not see any redundant products and you also see our latest new products. You can download and print (if needed) our current Green Choice PLA-Free Product Brochure.