We invite you to try our 5 minute Green Choice quiz - all the answers are on our website!! Most the information is found in the FAQ section of our Help Desk. All correct entries will receive a free Green Choice bamboo pen/stylus (while stocks last, courtesy of our sole distributor Uni-Pak). Please make sure you fill in all required (*) fields. Any incorrect answers will be highlighted in red so you can try again to get them right.

Answer these 10 questions and be in to win:

1. What happens to used plastic disposable containers in NZ? *
Only three statements are correct.
2. What does biodegradable mean? *
Only one right answer.
3. Which of these plastics biodegrades naturally without harming our environment? *
Only one right answer.
4. Which of these compostable material statements is false? *
Just one answer is false.
5. What conditions are required for compost to be created? *
Only three conditions are needed for bacteria to work properly.
6. Approximately how many products are currently featured on this website? *
Just one answer.
7. Who is credited with inventing commercially produced PLA? *
Only one person is credited.
8. Which of these Biodegradable statements is correct? *
Only one statement is correct.
9. Why is using PLA to make plastic such a good idea? *
Many correct answers.
10. What does the Green Choice logo represent? *
Two of these statements are correct
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