1. Green Choice is the right choice.

Green Choice is a compostable food services packaging brand consisting of a quality product range. Our product manufacturers have been carefully selected following extensive product testing and evaluation of companies who comply with relevant standards, certifications and who practice business sustainability. Our products do not contain petroleum-based plastics, chemical dyes or inks. We only use plant-based materials in our construction. It is unlikely we will ever lose our fast/food and drink convenience preferences, so using the least harmful consumable products in our environment is the smarter choice.

2. Our quality products are trusted.

Our products can be trusted, they have earned the required levels of managed forestry, compostability and food safety certification. Quality is assured via regular monitoring and inspections by Green Choice management of all production facilities, and all testing and quality control procedures, to maintain the highest level of quality and consistency. We engage an independent agent to inspect and test each shipment following production and prior to dispatch. Effective logistics, dispatch methods and reliable transport agents all ensure products will be delivered to warehouses safely and efficiently. Green Choice consistently monitors all manufacturing procurement systems and encourages socially and environmentally responsible policies and fair trade practices.

3. We have a strong NZ presence.

The Green Choice brand is owned by Uni-Pak, a company based in Whanganui with distribution centres in Auckland and Christchurch. Operating as a distributor since 2004, Uni-Pak has taken responsibility for promoting the recycling or composting of its food services product range. The Green Choice product range is gaining recognition throughout New Zealand as a result of Uni-Pak’s large distribution footprint.

4. The people behind Green Choice.

Uni-Pak is the sole New Zealand distributor of the Green Choice range of products. Uni-Pak provides Green Choice brand and product guidance and undertakes all sales, service and technical support. Uni-Pak supplies Green Choice drinkware, tableware and containers to a broad range of food services and packaging-related distributors. We employ an experienced sales and technical support team, and manage efficient stock and dispatch systems from warehouses in Auckland, Whanganui and Christchurch. You can view our team on our Contact Us page.